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New Website!

Updated: Aug 12, 2018

I'm never using #Wordpress again.

You see, although I'm pretty good at tasks like writing books, giving campaign speeches, and, apparently, creating websites, I'm not exactly reliable in keeping my software updated. That's why my original site for my writing,, and my original campaign site, are both gone now.

Wordpress is a platform for blogging and web design. It's also terrible. Creating a working and appealing website in Wordpress requires numerous plugins to add features, and every single one of those plugins needs to be constantly updated, lest it become a massive security risk. I'm sure you see the problem here. If I didn't have any updates to post, I probably wouldn't remember to log in.

I put a lot of work into my Wordpress sites, spending several days at a time getting everything to look and work right. Now it's all gone, all because some hacker in Algeria wanted to create a spam website that told people that they had some kind of Microsoft virus so they would install spyware.

In contrast, I made this new website in #Wix in 2 days. And Wix updates the security for me.

Also, if you ever used, you may have noticed that this site looks far, far more appealing. It has a much cleaner look that's easier to rearrange when necessary, and its event manager actually works!

I'm considering re-posting my previous blogs from the old site, but that's going to take some time for arduous and repetitive processes that I may not really feel like doing.

Oh, if you're wondering what happened to my campaign site, I re-made it in PIES, a service run by the Progressive Change Campaign Committee that is also far easier to use than Wordpress. The new URL is

I hope you enjoy the new site!


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