Blood on the Rocks

Blood Arcana Book II

Blood on the Rocks is the second book by indie author Monica P. DePaul. Amy's story continues as she reaches into a deep-reaching political and corporate conspiracy disguised as a high school love triangle. This goes far beyond a teen drama. It's one vampire's quest to keep herself and her friends safe and free despite a tangled web of paranormal threats.


Back Cover:

Now everyone knows about me, “that vampire girl.” Everyone knows the name Amy Able.


After my horrid ordeal saving my town from vampire super-soldiers, my life as an undead teenager was quiet, until a pretty-boy demon hunter named Miguel gruesomely revealed that I was being watched. Dangerous creatures were lurking in the shadows, unseen.


Now, everyone wants a piece of me. The most popular couple in school wants to hang out with me, the governor of Florida wants my help spreading the word about paranormal safety, and a crazed vampire with a giant sword wants to chop my head off.


If that weren’t crazy enough, my two best friends are fighting over me. As one can’t sleep and the other has trouble waking up, I’m afraid they’ll kill each other if I pick one of them. How am I supposed to survive in battle if my gunner and mage won’t work together?


Multiple forces are behind the scenes, pulling the strings. As Miguel and another unseen demon hunter drop me clues, all signs point to my school’s upcoming prom and its sponsor, the Lurvana Soda Company. I smell a conspiracy. It’s time for me to fight back and solve the mystery. How is all this chaos linked? What did I do to deserve this?



             © 2018 by Monica P. DePaul

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